Ademas de compartir en el almuerzo tambien nos fuimos a caminar alrededor de la finca, es maravilloso como rinde el tiempo cuando las cosas se hacen en equipo y sobre todo con amor. Si vivieramos de esa manera creo que la vida de las personas fuera un poco mas facil de llevar, las familias estarian mas unidas, y los ninos no estarian tan perdidos en este mundo materialista y sin sentimientos, y sobre todo sin valor spiritual. Cada vez que voy a S. Francis siento cada vez mas grande el deseo de llevar este estilo de vida que considero es lo mas cercano a como vivio Jesucristo y como a Dios le gustaria que vivieramos. Le doy gracias a Dios por haberme permitido conocer a Lorraine , Joanna y Zack, ya que considero que son un gran ejemplo a seguir. Gracias por aceptar a nuestra familia en su hogar y Dios los bendiga siempre! 

 Con Muchisimo Amor; Rosa Longo 

 (translation:) The first time I visited this place was last year for the Spanish Apostolate retreat and I never imagined how my life would change after such a beautiful encounter.  After that I returned with my family and we spent a phenomenal day; my daughters and my husband were as enchanted as I was. Our last visit to St. Francis Farm was for a family day to which the Hoyt family invited us. It was a marvelous day full of different things especially for our children and the children of today. It was a day in which we shared with other families and helped each other mutually, the work wasn’t hard as some people might think upon hearing talk about going to a farm. In this farm everything is pleasant and the work appears to be as simple as breathing; we planted garlic, unearthed potatoes, cut herbs, (I never heard my girls complaining about fatigue or about being outside or wanting to watch TV); we sat and shared at lunchtime, a thing which almost nobody can actually do because of such busy lives. After sharing lunch also we went for a walk around the farm, it is marvelous how time is suspended when things are done as a team and, above all, with love. If we were to live in that manner I believe that people’s lives would be a little easier, families would be more united, and the children would not be so lost in this materialistic world, numbed to feeling, and above all lacking spiritual values. 

Every time I go to St. Francis Farm I feel a greater desire to lead this style of life which I consider to be the closest to how Jesus Christ lived and how God would prefer us to live. I give thanks to God for having permitted me to know Lorraine, Joanna and Zach since I consider them a great example to follow.  Thanks for accepting our family into your home and may God always bless you!  With much love, Rosa Longo

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